Sakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday

Sakyamuni Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. It is said that he was born on April 8 in Northern India, in an area that is presently called Nepal, about 2500 years ago, and that when he was born, many beautiful flowers bloomed and sweet tea rained from the sky.

So every April, most Buddhist temples have a religious service to celebrate his birthday, and in many cases, the service is called the “Hanamatsuri” or “Flower Festival” Service. During the service, the baby Buddha's statue is set up within a flower shrine, and sweet tea is poured over the statue to represent the moment of his birth.

 Dear Paauilo Hongwanji and Honokaa Hongwanji members,

Paauilo Hongwanji Bon service and Bon dance were held on July 9, and Honokaa Hongwanji Community Memorial Service and the Bon Dance were held on July 16. Thanks to your hard work, they were both successful. I would like to extend my appreciation to you.

As a Buddhist minister, I am often asked about the memorial services,and many people asked me, “When should the memorial services be observed?” and “What is the meaning of the memorial services?”

In many cases, the following memorial services are held: 7 th day,49 th day, 1 st year, 3 rd year, 7 th year, 13 th year, 17 th year, 25 th year, 33 rd year, 50 th year. At least these services should be observed, but you may observe memorial services whenever you want to, such as every year.

The purpose of the memorial services is to listen to the Buddhist teachings through our deceased loved one, and also, the services work to reduce our grief after we lost our loved one. So for the purposes, you can observe more memorial services such as every year.

If you have any questions about the memorial services or visitation, please let me know.

If your loved one passed away, please let me know as soon as possible.

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